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A person can reduce their chance of hangover shakes by drinking less alcohol. It may also help to maintain hydration and stable blood sugar by consuming nonalcoholic drinks and food containing carbohydrates. These groups can support individuals during recovery from alcohol abuse. This article will review alcohol shakes, Sober House their causes, treatment, the other signs of alcohol withdrawal, and when a person should contact a doctor. Consuming a large quantity of alcohol causes inflammation of the nervous system. Alcohol shakes occur after the depressant effect of alcohol wears off, and the brain experiences overwhelming activity.

how to stop shaking from alcohol

Alcohol-Related Brain Damage

  • During the 12- to 24-hour time frame after the last drink, most people will begin to have noticeable symptoms.
  • Medical professionals can provide appropriate treatment options, ranging from medications to hospitalization and detoxification, to ensure your safety during this challenging process.
  • Most healthy adults need seven to nine hours of sleep, though those needs vary with age, health and other individually specific factors.
  • To reduce your stress during withdrawal, try doing some light exercise, like going for a walk or riding your bike.
  • However, with understanding, proper treatment, and support, these challenges can be managed effectively.

Alcohol shakes can happen from both alcohol withdrawal and from excessive alcohol consumption. DTs are severe, potentially deadly, symptoms that may include a racing heart, profuse sweating, confusion, vivid hallucinations and delusions. It’s estimated that about 4-5 percent of people undergoing alcohol withdrawal experience the DTs. Even side effects like vomiting and sweating can contribute to dangerous dehydration, which can be deadly. Because of this, detoxification from alcohol should always be done under medical supervision.

What causes hangover shakes?

  • There is no way to speed up metabolism or shorten hangover recovery time.
  • Alcoholic beverages are known depressant and have addictive effects which often present itself in many ways.
  • They occur more often in people who use alcohol regularly, which may be due to brain damage from excessive alcohol use.
  • While shakes are common with delirium tremens, it can also bring on seizures, which result in convulsions that may resemble shaking.
  • Long-term recovery is about more than abstaining from alcohol; it’s about creating a life where you no longer feel the need or desire to drink.
  • While you can usually manage alcohol withdrawal syndrome on your own, it can be quite uncomfortable.

As the alcohol leaves your body, however, your central nervous system, along with part of your sympathetic nervous system, remains unbalanced.

Do you need medical treatment for alcohol shakes?

how to stop shaking from alcohol

However, try not to have too many firm expectations, as symptoms can continue for multiple weeks in some people. If you or someone you know shows signs of delirium tremens, go to the emergency room immediately. If you or a loved one is struggling with alcohol misuse, treatment is available. With multiple treatment centers throughout the United States, American Addiction Centers offers everything from detox and inpatient treatment to outpatient treatment and aftercare. Many involve a combination of group psychotherapy (talk therapy) and medications. Family and close friends who understand and support your recovery goals are an invaluable asset to recovery.

  • If you don’t already have a supportive network, you can make new connections by joining social media communities dedicated to alcohol-free living.
  • As you navigate through the challenges of alcohol withdrawal, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to go through it alone.
  • The body, in response, produces more excitatory neurotransmitters to counteract the sedative properties of alcohol and maintain neural equilibrium.

Social Support and Treatment Programs

how to stop shaking from alcohol

What Are The Hangover Shakes?