Kundalini Meditation: Benefits, How To Try, and Dangers

It physically stimulates the pineal gland in our foreheads, which helps to regulate hormones. This in turn helps to balance our energies, stand up to our weaknesses, and develop healthy coping mechanisms. Crystal Raypole has previously worked as a writer and editor for GoodTherapy. Her fields of interest include Asian languages and literature, Japanese translation, cooking, natural sciences, sex positivity, and mental health.

How Kundalini Yoga can Fast-Track our Addiction Recovery.

Substances or outcomes from our behaviors make us feel less afraid or outright comatose. Whatever brought us to addiction, it can become challenging to untangle ourselves. I practice Kundalini yoga and the changes I have seen in myself make me a believer that it is a powerful way to help get past addiction. Gradually, aim to increase the length of time that you meditate. As you practice, focus on letting thoughts come and go, and watch for a feeling of energy moving along your spine and a feeling of euphoria in your body. The exact origins of Kundalini meditation are not known, although its traditions date back to approximately 1,000 BCE to 500 BCE.

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My Journey with Kundalini Yoga

There are no known, documented, long-term dangers in practicing Kundalini meditation. As with any physical activity, you’ll feel best if you stay hydrated and rest if you feel tired. Note that deep, slow breathing can make you feel lightheaded or dizzy at first. Consider incorporating this meditation into your day-to-day as continual practice will give you the most benefit and release from impurities in the mind and body. By practicing meditation like Sa Ta Na Ma, you’re allowing yourself to break free from these negative energy chains. This freedom will help you to blossom into your most genuine and most authentic self.


Many practitioners choose to wear loose, comfortable, cotton clothing and potentially a head covering like a cotton shawl. Your clothes should be clean, fresh, and ideally light in color to enhance https://thearizonadigest.com/top-5-advantages-of-staying-in-a-sober-living-house/ the feeling of lightness. The practice should be thought of as a technique, as opposed to a belief system, that helps people clear away the clutter of the world and access the inner self.

Superhealth: Kundalini Yoga & Meditation for Addiction Recovery

Things like meditation can help us achieve this as we’re allowing these thoughts to move forward and confronting them. By confrontation, we’re allowing ourselves the opportunity to heal and accept what we are unable to change. We interact in our world and have experiences that change the way we behave and think.

Personally, I have found that Kundalini yoga slaps all your truths right in the face. Your pain is fully revealed, and you can lean into it as you are going through a kriya that lasts for minutes at a time. When you’re in the middle of an exercise that seems physically impossible, you can let your mind take over and make the experience worse. Alternatively, you can let go of the ego-mind and accept the discomfort.

How Do Yoga and Meditation Work in Relation to PTSD and Addictions?

  • It’s also helpful in assisting in mental dis-ease, phobias & general insecurity.
  • Kundalini meditation can have benefits, even when it doesn’t lead to a full-blown awakening.
  • I worried about getting fat, which did not happen, but I did waste a lot of mental energy and made myself uptight.
  • This is in fact, a crucial component when wanting to rid our subconscious mind of its collective negativity.
  • As you practice, focus on letting thoughts come and go, and watch for a feeling of energy moving along your spine and a feeling of euphoria in your body.

I had patterns of thought that would creep in and cause certain reactions, behaviors, and compulsions. I knew they weren’t good for me but I was powerless to stop them. I despised myself for not having control, Top 5 Advantages of Staying in a Sober Living House which of course just made me continue the behaviors. Through the daily practice of Kundalini, I slowly felt those layers disappear. There was physical pain I had to break through and there were tears.

Say Goodbye to Insecurities with this Kundalini Yoga Kriya Meditation

By combining the power of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation with the wisdom of the 12 Steps of Recovery we can fully embody these meditative and practical tools. We can then heal and continue our evolution towards personal freedom. Enjoy a twice monthly dose of inspiration that includes practices, recipes, numerology, and more.